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Redding, CA, 96002


Welcome to a community that values you for who you are and your fitness level.  We strive to make each workout challenging and yet a pleasurable experience. Increasing GPP (General Physical Preparedness) by improving strength and conditioning, allows us to better enjoy the recreational activities that are abundant in Northern California. Whether your interests lie in: mountain biking, hiking, back-packing, wake boarding, skiing, rock climbing, swimming, running, or just being better at life, CrossFit is the perfect fitness program for you.


Friday - July 19, 2019

Billy Brown

21 Deadlifts
9 Push Presses
3 rounds

Load: 95/65 lb.

After a week of going below parallel, today we are focusing on posterior-driven, barbell pulling movements with some overhead work. The prescription is light, fast, and potent through this barbell-biased triplet.

With the first two movements requiring a pull from the ground, the stimulus is very hamstring-centric. The light load means you’ll be breathing fire, with heart rates elevated, and not much more to bottleneck your progress in the workout other than sheer will.

With the majority of the workout being a Deadlift, or a variation of it, the hamstrings and low back will get quite taxed today. Both the SDHP and Push Press are compound, explosive, push-pull, leg-driven movements, so these two will be more heart-rate intensive. A good strategy would be to perform the Deadlifts at a steady pace, catch your breath, and hit the other two movements in the triplet with a renewed sense of vigor.