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Redding, CA, 96002


Welcome to a community that values you for who you are and your fitness level.  We strive to make each workout challenging and yet a pleasurable experience. Increasing GPP (General Physical Preparedness) by improving strength and conditioning, allows us to better enjoy the recreational activities that are abundant in Northern California. Whether your interests lie in: mountain biking, hiking, back-packing, wake boarding, skiing, rock climbing, swimming, running, or just being better at life, CrossFit is the perfect fitness program for you.


Thursday, May 30, 2019

Billy Brown

“Some of you ain’t never been in jail and it shows.” Beat the cards Kettlebell challenge 

Hearts-Push Press

Spades-Reverse Lunge

Clubs-Single Arm Renegade Row

Diamonds-Goblet Squat 

Jacks-SDHP 10 reps

Queens-Snatch 10 each side

King-One handed Swing 10 each side

Ace-Reverse Turkish Get ups 1 each side

Everyone will start with one kettlebell. After removing all of the numbered cards 2 through 5, We will then shuffle the deck and draw the top card. Everyone will perform reps according to the number on the card and the movement that corresponds with the suit of that card. Then the next card...And the next... continuing until the whole deck is gone. It’s going to be fun and random!

Rx: 53/35

David & Nick