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Welcome to a community that values you for who you are and your fitness level.  We strive to make each workout challenging and yet a pleasurable experience. Increasing GPP (General Physical Preparedness) by improving strength and conditioning, allows us to better enjoy the recreational activities that are abundant in Northern California. Whether your interests lie in: mountain biking, hiking, back-packing, wake boarding, skiing, rock climbing, swimming, running, or just being better at life, CrossFit is the perfect fitness program for you.


Wednesday - February 6, 2019 "Step Up 2: The Streets"

Billy Brown


Part 2:
Open Prep
Pick a skill:
Handstand Walk
Chest-to-Bar Pull-up
Perform 5-10 reps EMOM 5 min.

Classic film. Your homework is to watch this movie. Just kidding. I’ve never seen it. But the title works ; )

Treat today like a rest day, since the last two have been GNARLY!

In the first part of today’s workout, we are working unilateral leg strength with a box Step-up. These reps are to be performed with a barbell on the back, 4 reps on each leg. You’ll perform all reps on one side and then all reps on the other side, not alternating. Box height is not standardized because it will vary from person to person. Choose a box height in which the top of the box sits right around the patella (knee cap), or around a 90-degree angle when executing the movement.

For the second part, pick your poison between three different gymnastics skills that we have seen in the CrossFit Games Open. You can choose one that you want to get better at or simply one that is fun for you, and perform that movement in an EMOM for 5 min. at the end of the session. Rep ranges are variable as well here, with the goal stimulus below. This is your chance to work your weaknesses! Finally, right?

For Part 1, the Step-ups are intended to be a heavy set on each leg. You won’t necessarily know when to start your working sets because you’ll likely not have maxed these out before, so go by feel. When standing up on top of the box, make sure that the leg that is on the box performs the entire stepping-up movement before the trailing leg rests on the box. Don’t use your trailing leg to assist other than the push off of the floor. If you need to use yourr trailing leg to press off the top of the box to execute the rep, it’s too heavy.

For Part 2, choose a number of reps or feet for Handstand Walking to perform as an EMOM. The goal would be to perform about 30-40 sec. of work, no more. We want you to be under a bit of fatigue, but not so much that form and technique degrade. We are looking for quality reps here!