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2704 Hartnell Avenue Ste G
Redding, CA, 96002


Welcome to a community that values you for who you are and your fitness level.  We strive to make each workout challenging and yet a pleasurable experience. Increasing GPP (General Physical Preparedness) by improving strength and conditioning, allows us to better enjoy the recreational activities that are abundant in Northern California. Whether your interests lie in: mountain biking, hiking, back-packing, wake boarding, skiing, rock climbing, swimming, running, or just being better at life, CrossFit is the perfect fitness program for you.


Tuesday - January 15, 2019 "Two-fer"

Billy Brown

Odd min.: Run 200 m
Even min.: 12 DB Slams (40/25 lb.)
4 rounds

Rest 2 min.

Odd min.: 15 Push Presses (95/65 lb.)
Even min.: Run 200 m
4 rounds

After some heavy posterior loading yesterday, today you’ll perform two couplets of running mixed with leg-driven, lightly-loaded upper-body work in both pressing and pulling. The scheme for both couplets is interval-style: within one minute, perform a 200-m Run, within the other minute, perform a DB or BB movement. Switch back and forth between the two intervals until athletes have completed 4 rounds of each couplet. This comes out to a total of 8 min. for couplet 1, a 2-min. break, and then another 8 min. for couplet 2.

Shoot for about 1 minute for the 200m runs. If you can’t get back in within a minute, scale the distance so you can get your reps with the lifts!