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Welcome to a community that values you for who you are and your fitness level.  We strive to make each workout challenging and yet a pleasurable experience. Increasing GPP (General Physical Preparedness) by improving strength and conditioning, allows us to better enjoy the recreational activities that are abundant in Northern California. Whether your interests lie in: mountain biking, hiking, back-packing, wake boarding, skiing, rock climbing, swimming, running, or just being better at life, CrossFit is the perfect fitness program for you.



Friday - March 21, 2019 "Fran/Open Prep

Billy Brown



Thrusters 95/65


For Open Athletes:


Thrusters 75/55


1:1 Rest

In honor of the whopping 105 thrusters that we’re doing for the Open over the next few days, we thought we’d give you either a nice warm up for 19.5 or a taste of the the First Female of Functional Fitness: Fran (I know, it’s a lot of alliteration, but once you get started, it’s really hard to stop it)!

If you’re doing Fran today, focus on moving FAST. The intent is to have you finish in less than 10 minutes, so scale the workout appropriately. If you can’t do the 21’s in two sets or less at the rx weight, find a weight that you can do at least 10 times for your first set., and scale the pullups if you can’t string 8-10 of them together.

For those who are doing the open prep, use the lighter weights and the 1:1 rest between rounds to get a feel for your pacing tomorrow. And just think about the chicken and waffles afterwards. That’ll carry you through.

Thursday - March 21, 2019

Billy Brown

As teams of 2 (equal strength and ability):
30 Calorie row
30 Hang power cleans 95/65
30 Calorie row
30 hang power cleans 95/65
30 Calorie row 
30 Hang power cleans 95/65
30 Calorie row
30 Hang power cleans 95/65

You are allowed one personnel change per movement per round. Any additional changes, or anytime you drop the barbell, BOTH partners must perform a 50 foot sandbag Carry.
Men MUST use at least 120# sandbag. 
You may hand off the barbell, but we challenge you, don’t drop the bar! 
Resting in the Hang position for more than 5-8 seconds constitutes dropping the bar. 
Have fun!

-Nick &David

Wednesday - March 20, 2019

Billy Brown

30 sec. on/30 sec. off

Parallette Pass-Throughs
Hip Extensions
Superman on GHD
4 rounds

Today’s interval workout is a mashup of midline movement, both in dynamic and static holds. Perform 30 sec. on, 30 sec. off of each movement down the list, then repeat the 4 movements for 4 total rounds. The fatigue will set in after the second round and make this workout very challenging.

The preferred method for the L-sit is to be on the parallettes, however, it can also be performed stabilizing at the top of the rings or hanging from a Pull-up bar. See Scaling below for difficulty.

The GHD machine is used for the Hip Extensions and Supermans. If this will not work logistically, prioritize the Hip Extensions to be performed on the GHD, and sub a Superman on the ground holding 5-lb. plates in the hands to increase difficulty. If you don’t have any or enough GHDs to accommodate the Hip Extensions, sub heavy Russian KB Swings (32/24 k).

Tuesday - March 19, 2019 "19.4 Redux"

Billy Brown

21 Wall Balls (20/14 lb.)
7 Hang Power Snatches (155/115 lb.)
5 Bar Muscle-ups
AMRAP 15 min.

We’re starting early for all the people who want to get muscle ups in next year’s open! We’ve got a triplet today that features heavy Olympic lifting, challenging gymnastics, and a third, more metabolic component. The three movements will give you a great opportunity to work varied modalities all in one setting. The flow of the workout overall will be a bit slower with the heavy weightlifting and gymnastics regulating the pace.

Wall Balls will tax the legs and press. HPS the posterior, pull, and overhead stability. The Bar Muscle-ups will let the legs get a bit of a rest, but will rely heavily upon the shoulders. It will be important for you to be as efficient as possible in this workout, utilizing the hips as much as possible to help manage the upper-body fatigue!

Monday - March 18, 2019

Billy Brown

100 Single-unders
Woman-Makers (40/25 lb.)
100 Single-unders
50 KB Swings (24/16 kg)
100 Single-unders

We’re starting out the week with a workout that incorporates a bit of monostructural movement with some light free-weight movement. The overall vibe is to keep moving and chip away at a longer effort—nothing should really bottleneck progress other than heart rate. The twist on this workout is that we are performing Single-unders instead of Double-unders, which oftentimes messes people up because they are used to the timing of Double-unders!

The bulk of the workout will be performing the 25 Woman-Makers. This movement, although only 25 reps, has a long cycle time. Choose loading with which you can perform at least 7-8 before resting. The KB Swings should be relatively light and a load with which you could do sets of 15-25 at a time. Both of these movements will tax the posterior, shoulders, and upper back with the pulling motion.

Treat the Single-unders as the station to catch your breath and recover from the loaded movements. Keep the shoulders relaxed and use the wrists on the rope! The goal is unbroken!

Shoot to finish in around 15 minutes.

Thursday - March 14, 2019 "Beer Run"

Billy Brown

For time:
200m Keg Carry
25 Russian Kettlebell Swings 70/53
200m Keg Carry
20 Russian Kettlebell Swings 70/53
200m Keg Carry
15 Russian Kettlebell Swings 70/53
200m Keg Carry
10 Russian Kettlebell Swings 70/53

Use heaviest keg possible. Pick a weight that you won’t have to drop more than twice on each carry.

Finisher: 100 Calf raises holding a keg. - Coach David

Editor’s note: Don’t do the calf raises. -Billy

Coaches’ note: Don’t listen to Billy. Do the calf raises. - David

Editor’s note: But seriously, don’t do the calf raises. -Billy

Coaches’ note: I dare everyone to do the calf raises. - David

Editor’s note: David, knock it off. -Billy

Coaches’ note: YOU knock it off, Billy. - David

Editor’s note: Okay. Enough. -Billy

Coaches’ note: [Mocking tone] “Okay. Enough.” - David

Editor’s note: Are you serious? -Billy

Coaches’ note: [Mocking tone] “Are you serious?” - David

Editor’s note: What are you, five years old? -Billy

Coaches’ note: [Mocking tone] “What are you, five years old?” - David

Editor’s note: Very professional. -Billy

Coaches’ note: [Mocking tone] “Very proffessional.” - David

Editor’s note: You spelled ‘professional’ wrong. -Billy

Coaches’ note: Nerd. - David

Wednesday - March 13, 2019 "90 Seconds to Mars"

Billy Brown

12 GHD Sit-ups
12 Alt. MB Reverse Lunges (20/14 lb., 6 each leg)
12 Box Jumps (20 in.)
Perform 1 round every 90 sec.
10 rounds

After a good amount of heavy Shoulder-to-Overhead yesterday, today we are lightening the load and focusing on the lower body and midline. The workout is performed as 10 rounds x 90-sec. windows of time for a continuous 15 min. At the beginning of each 90 sec., you’ll perform sprint-like intervals with the triplet above. The goal is to move fast and with purpose between transitions and during each movement’s cycle time.

The MB Reverse Lunges are performed holding the MB anywhere on the body—at the chest or shouldered. Execute by taking a step backward rather than forward with the lead leg. On the box, the height is 20 in. for all.

Your score is the cumulative time to perform work each round (take the sum of 10 scores).

Since we have a tight time frame to finish 36 reps, the goal is fast, unbroken movement. The Sit-ups (GHD, Weighted, or Floor) should be performed slightly under 30 sec. The Lunges and Box Jumps together should take roughly 30 sec. Each round, we are looking for 1 min. of work to 30 sec. of rest. We understand this will be a tight time frame for many athletes, so scale accordingly to get at least 30 sec. of rest each round. We don’t want this turning into 10 rounds for time. 

Tuesday - March 12, 2019

Billy Brown

Split Jerk

(5-10 min.) Optional Finisher

5 Strict Pull-ups (Scale to Kipping, then Jumping Pull-ups.)
5 Strict HSPU (Scale to Box Pike Presses, then Pike Push-ups.)
EMOM 5-10 min.

Time to go overhead today with 5 sets of 3 heavy Split Jerks. The Split is a position that we work less often than the Push Jerk, so for some, today will be a bit more technical than max effort. For today’s strength, we want sets of 3 that are heavy across the board—starting at a heavy weight and maintaining that heavy weight for all 5 sets rather than building to a heavy triple.

We have included an Optional Finisher for today’s session that will work some interval-based pull/push gymnastics. Use it as an opportunity to work some Open skill work under fatigue!

Monday - March 10, 2019 "Barbells for Bella"

Billy Brown

5 Deadlifts (275/185 lb.)
30 sec. Barbell Hold at top of Deadlift
12 Burpee Over the Bar
15 KB Goblet Squats (24/16 kg)
5 rounds


Today, we’re dedicating this WOD to the memory of our gym dog Bella, who passed away on Friday. Go a little harder today for our sweet girl.

This push-pull-Squat workout combines a heavy Deadlift, a Hold, and light and body-weight movements that will tax the entire body. Deadlifts, Burpees, and Squats will all be very intense and demanding but in different ways—one in weightlifting, one metabolically, and another in both ways. The Barbell Hold will be a bit of a break from the heavy breathing, but will tax your mental and grip game. 

For the Barbell Hold, perform the fifth Deadlift and then hold from the lockout. The 30 sec. is accumulated, so if the bar is dropped mid-set, it must be picked up again to reach a total of 30 sec. The Burpees Over the Bar can be performed lateral or anyhow—you don’t need to be bar-facing. On the KB Goblet Squats, hold the object any way just so long as it’s held at the chest.

The Deadlift and subsequent Hold will be the portion of the workout that regulates the pace. The load should be a challenging, yet unbroken set of 5 each round that goes immediately into the 30 sec. BB hold. This will be what bottlenecks progress in the workout. The Burpees and Goblet Squats will fatigue you across the 5 rounds, but will also provide active recovery from the tension and demand of the barbell. Perform the Burpees and Squats at a steady pace. Goblet Squats will likely be performed unbroken throughout the entire workout.

Push hard and shoot for 17-18 minutes. Push hard for Bella :)

Thursday - March 7, 2019 "500 Calf Raises for Time"

Billy Brown

In teams of 2:

KB snatches 53/35
In between each round 6 Atlas stone to shoulders. AHAP.
Divide work however you’d like. 1 partner working at a time

A fun partner WOD to get the blood flowing, hit some heavy weight, and recover quickly for the Open! If you feel like you still need more work after this, do 150 weighted calf raises. Not for time. 
-David, Master Programmer of leg day

Editor’s note: Don’t do the calf raises. - Billy

Wednesday - March 6, 2019 "Spring Cleaning"

Billy Brown

Squat Clean

Clean Complex
1 High Hang SC
1 Mid-Thigh
1 Full
EMOM 10 min.

Today’s session is comprised entirely of weightlifting, first with a traditional 5×3 and then into a bit of interval-style position work. Typically, we work positions first as a way to ramp up toward heavy lifting. Today we will be switching the stimulus up a bit, which will allow you to go heavier in the first portion. You can choose afterward to either use a percentage based off of your lifting, or start off light and increase load as you go. Either way, going heavy first primes the body and CNS to take a potentially heavier load in the Complex at the end.

The High-Hang position is performed only with a dip in the knees, not a flexion of the hip. Make sure the torso stays upright on this movement. This will be the inhibiting factor for the subsequent Cleans during the EMOM. The Clean Complex is performed with all 3 reps in a row, no setting the bar down until the third rep is complete.

The loading on the first portion should be heavy enough that you can’t string together reps and want to perform each rep as singles. Ideally, you are building in weight over the 5 sets of 3. You do not have to add each set, but should be trending upward from start to finish.

Tuesday - March 5, 2019 "Dissected Kelly"

Billy Brown

Pat Barber’s title for this sounds like a horror movie. -B

Run 200 m

15 Wall Balls (20/14 lb.)

15 Box Jumps (24/20 in.)

Run 200 m

15 Box Jumps

15 Wall Balls (20/14 lb.)

AMRAP 20 min.

Tuesday brings us a remix of a classic CrossFit benchmark workout: Kelly. Traditional Kelly is 5 rounds of a 400-m Run, 30 Box Jumps, and 30 Wall Balls. In that task-priority workout, the loading per round is moderate and is a brutal combination of heart rate, heavy breathing, and leg/shoulder demand.

What we’ve done in this version of Kelly is turned it into a time-priority effort and dissected it—reduced the number of reps and distance at a time so the workout is performed in more of an unbroken-style effort, reducing rest time and hopefully increasing the number of rounds you are achieving in 20 min.

One other difference in the workout is that after the second Run, the order of the Box Jumps and Wall Balls has changed. This will pair up the volume a bit more on the same movement, but still using the Run to shake it out and separate the rep scheme.

The goal for everyone today is to stay moving steadily for the entire 20 min. The goal on the Box Jumps is to perform them at a steady pace. Make it your goal to only rest on top of the box rather than on the ground. 

Monday - March 4, 2019 "Winslow Homer"

Billy Brown

This workout makes me think of Homer’s painting “The Gulf Stream.” I feel the same kind of helplessness when I think about rowing and burpees. And now you know about famed 19th century American painter Winslow Homer. See? You learned something. Oh, right, the workout. - Billy

500-m Row

20 Burpees

Rest 2 min.

3 rounds

We’re starting off the week with a monostructural-gymnastics interval workout. The prescription is a couplet of Rowing and Burpees, in which the Row will tax the posterior and pull, and the Burpees will fatigue the legs and press. Both movements are highly metabolic, so this couplet will jack up your heart rates and burn the lungs. And hopefully it’ll flush out any residual soreness from Saturday for those who did The Open.

 The overall volume of the workout is low, only 3 rounds, so the intention is to go hard on each round. The working time will exceed the resting time a bit, so this won’t necessarily be an all-out sprint each round (100 percent), but should still be a very challenging effort (90+ percent). If you do truly go 100 percent on the first round, you probably won’t have anything in the tank left for the last 2 rounds.

Shoot for around or under 2 minutes per row. And go pretty nuts on the burpees :)

Thursday - February 28, 2019 - Night of the Living Deadlift

Billy Brown

No-brainer. More accurately: No braaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiins-er. I’m super into zombies. -Coach Billy



*Optional Finisher



*Optional Finisher:

DB Calf Raises, 150 reps,

followed by 75 unweighted calf raises.

On the eve of Open 19.2, we lift heavy! Today’s session is 5 sets of heavy singles of a Deadlift. For loading, we want to ramp up to a heavy single for the day across 5 full working sets rather than performing 5 singles at near maximal effort. By ramping up like this, it will be a little bit less taxing on your central nervous system for those who are doing this Open workout this weekend. We don’t want your first working set to be light, we just want the effort to be a bit tapered back.

If you aren’t doing the Open workout (or if you don’t care and want to go nuts today) you can go at a heavier load from the get-go. Shooter’s choice. 

We are including an Optional Finisher at the end of the session for anyone who wants to grease the engine and get some more blood flowing. Might help to break up some soreness.

Singles should start around 85 percent and increase very slightly every rep thereafter. Take small jumps: 5-15 lb. You don’t have to go for a new 1RM, but we want you to feel good and lift heavy. Perfect form should be of the utmost importance; if you start to lose form, drop weight! We’d rather you lift pretty than lift heavy.

Aim for about 3-4 min. between attempts.

Wednesday - February 27, 2019 "Sorie Should Love This..."

Billy Brown

Seriously, that’s all I could think of when I saw this. Feel free to comment with a better name :)


20 Lateral Burpees Over the Barbell
20 KB Swings (24/16 kg)
10 Shoulder-to-Overhead (155/105 lb.)
AMRAP 20 min.


20 Lateral Burpees Over the Barbell
20 KB Swings (24/16 kg)
10 Shoulder-to-Overhead (135/95 lb.)
AMRAP 20 min.


20 Lateral Burpees Over the Barbell
20 KB Swings
10 Shoulder-to-Overhead
AMRAP 20 min.

Hump Day brings us a gnarly triplet that combines light to moderate weight, pulling, pressing and lots of metabolic effort. Burpees, KB Swings, and S2OH will leave the shoulders feeling pretty taxed over 20-min. All movements in the workout are compound and incorporate core-to-extremity, so your engine and conditioning will also be tested.

For the Lateral Burpees, yo must take off with two feet and land with two feet—we want you adhering to Open standards. The S2OH will likely be performed as Push Presses or Push Jerks, however all varieties are permissible. Barbells are taken from the ground (I know, I know. Deal with it).

The most challenging portion of this workout, aside from the metabolic and shoulder fatigue, will be the Shoulder-to-Overhead. The loading should be challenging enough that you cannot Push Press the weight for more than 2 rounds, but rather perform a majority of your reps as Push Jerks. Split Jerks shouldn’t be necessary for the loading target, unless it’s the last round and you’re going for it! Choose a load with which you can perform all sets as a challenging, unbroken set for most of the workout. It should get hard right around rep 7-8.

Burpees and KB Swings should be performed at a “relaxed” pace. Keep Burpees fresh by keeping arms loose as you jump over the bar. Keep KB Swings fresh by breathing as much as possible. These two movements should be on the easier side to perform (rolls eyes).

Tuesday - February 26, 2019 "All Quiet on the Western Front Squats"

Billy Brown

Written by World War I veteran Erich Maria Remarque in 1928, “All Quiet on the Western Front” is hailed by some as the best war novel ever written, and is one of Coach Billy’s top 3 favorite books of all time.

Also, we’re front squatting today ;)


Front Squats (225/155 lb.)
60-ft. Handstand Walk


Front Squats (185/125 lb.)
50-ft. Handstand Walk


Front Squats
10 Floor Around-the-Worlds

Much like yesterday, today’s workout is also a potent couplet, but the stimulus today tests moderately loaded barbell capacity with some skill work to break up the tension.

The Front Squats will tax your breathing, front rack, midline, legs, and mental grit. The Handstand Walking will be a bit of an unloaded reprieve, but will challenge your gymnastics strength, coordination, balance, and overall proprioceptive abilities under duress.

For the sake of the workout, we are performing the Front Squats off of the ground, so you will have to Clean the bar.  The Front Squat should be pretty darn challenging—something that will make you break up your sets of 21 and 15 into 2 sets, and the last set of 9 should be CHALLENGING to do unbroken. You’ll get a good amount of rest for your legs during the Handstand Walking, so go aggro with the weight on your front squats.

And read that book.

Monday - February 25, 2019 "Cool Runnings"

Billy Brown

For Time:

Run 800 m

25 Pull-ups

Run 600m

10 Bar Muscle-ups

Run 400m

Happy Monday! We are starting off the week with a monostructural/gymnastics couplet that decreases in overall volume but will increase in complexity. The couplet includes moderate to short distances of running that are intended to be fast. The overall volume of gymnastics is low, but it’s all in one shot, so the idea is that you’re going pretty much max effort on those movements, as well. The duality of the two types of movements will lend themselves to being recovery for one another.

Use today as an opportunity to have challenge yourself in terms of movement difficulty. The volume is low so try to go for something a bit more difficult than you normally do. This will lend itself well for prepping for this week’s Open workout!

 The goal is to hit the gymnastics movements hard today. Use the running rounds to also keep intensity up (don’t pace too much), and use it to rest the arms and shoulders while hitting the legs hard. Keep your traps loose and try not to tense up during the run, because it will detract from your pulling work.

Wednesday - February 20. 2019 "Trap City"

Billy Brown

4 min. DB Power Cleans
4 min. DB Hang Power Cleans
4 min. DB Squat Cleans
4 min. DB Hang Squat Cleans

Men: 35/45/50/65 lb.
Women: 20/25/35/45 lb.

Today’s effort turns a DB complex into a 16-min. conditioning piece. The catch is that the weights increase every round, so as the movements change, the stimulus with loading does as well. All DB movements incorporate an element of a Clean, the starting and the execution differ. Low back and grip are heavily tested here, with squatting capacity coming into play in the last half.

For the DB Power Cleans and DB Squat Cleans, one tip of the DB must touch the ground to start the rep. For the Hang varieties, the DB start at the hip and can go anywhere in the dip—high hang, mid-thigh, etc.

Tuesday - February 19, 2019 "Slow and Steady. Well, Steady, Anyway"

Billy Brown

1 Ring Muscle-up
4 Alt. Pistols
Add 1 MU and 4 Pistols each round.
As far as you can go in
15 min.

After some max-effort strength work yesterday, today’s agenda will be technically challenging and will be a slower-paced 15-min. grind. The rep scheme is ascending, adding MU and Pistols each round. Although reps are small to start, the idea is that these movements quickly compound themselves. This workout is a valuable drill in PACING for more technique and mobility-dependent movements that become much more challenging to execute under duress and fatigue. We want the last rep to look as pretty as the first one.

For today, we want you working the Ring MU as opposed to a Bar MU so they can work on getting better at this more skill-dependent variation. If you don't have MUPs, we can either do jumping MUPs (how fun is that to say, by the way?) or transitions on the rings. For the Pistols, each leg is alternating and counts as 1 rep, so the round of 4 is 2 on each leg.

Slow and steady wins the race with this one. No one will be performing any of these movements very fast, per se, other than athletes who are stringing together Muscle-ups (I'm looking at you, Heather and Buckmaster). The key to staying moving on this one is to keep the heart rate down and not get ahead of yourselves: performing manageable sets with calculated rests. Managing breathing and pacing will allow you to execute better movement and achieve more rounds in the long run.

This is a workout in pacing! Practice working out smarter (and harder) today!

Monday - February 18, 2019 "I'm Not Allowed To Make Jokes About This WOD"

Billy Brown


So far this month, we’ve tested compound lifts above parallel and unilateral leg work, however, not a squatting movement. Today’s session will give you a chance to max out on each rep range to get a feel for your strength capacity, finishing out with a heavy


In other words: ONE REP MAX DAY!!!

We want each set today to be max effort, which means we are going to take plenty of time to warm up to your starting weights and also plenty of rest between sets (3-5 min.). If you fail a set at a desired weight, you'll have plenty of time to re-attempt it. If you get to the end and they have enough reserve or time for another heavy single to max out, today would be the day ;)

Today, the Thrusters are taken off of the rack so you don’t have to worry about the Squat Clean portion (you're welcome). If advanced athletes are wishing to get prepped for the Open and would get a heavy enough stimulus out of testing a Squat Clean Thruster, go nuts!