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Welcome to a community that values you for who you are and your fitness level.  We strive to make each workout challenging and yet a pleasurable experience. Increasing GPP (General Physical Preparedness) by improving strength and conditioning, allows us to better enjoy the recreational activities that are abundant in Northern California. Whether your interests lie in: mountain biking, hiking, back-packing, wake boarding, skiing, rock climbing, swimming, running, or just being better at life, CrossFit is the perfect fitness program for you.



Tuesday - May 21, 2019

Billy Brown


*Optional Finisher

Today we are going overhead with a descending rep scheme for the Strict Press. Three sets of 3, then three sets of 1. We want to test your ability to hold a heavy load under fatigue in this movement. Getting stronger here is going to transfer over to strict gymnastics movements, as well as all the other weightlifting movements.

Because of the quick strength drop off you see in the Press, we want everyone to be able to maintain the same load across as many sets as possible, with the potential to increase a little during the sets of 1.

The goal for today is to really ride that border of lifting as heavy as possible and failing. This may sound obvious since it’s a strength session, but the Press in particular has a really high fatigue rate and can be quite frustrating, especially if you fail on the first effort! Don’t do a 3-rep max lift on the first set and then have to reduce the load by 20 lb. for the rest of the session.

Use the Prep time to gauge where you are at with the Press today, and rather than lifting too many sets there, estimate a good challenging starting point that you will be able to hold across the three sets of 3 reps, then even possibly for the three sets of 1 rep. Some people will be able to add load for those last sets of 1, but some might be struggling to lift the same as their sets of 3.

Monday - May 20, 2019

Billy Brown

With a partner:

Wall Balls (20/14 lb.)
Box Jumps (24/20 in.)

Happy Monday, guys! We’re starting off the week with a little leg burner for you. Luckily, you’ll have a partner sharing the load with you, so you don’t have to plow through all 300 reps all by yourself. It will be you-go-I-go style, which means that one partner will work while the other one rests, and try to keep the reps as even as possible between you two. If you’re fairly proficient at wall ball shots, try to split them up every 10+ reps and figure out what works best for you on the box jumps. I (Coach Billy) prefer to go 5 at a time with the box jumps, because the rest to work ratio seems to hit the sweet spot for me.

Remember that your legs will be pretty fried by the time you get to your box jumps, so be sure to jump with intention! Keep those shins happy!

Have fun :)

Friday - May 17, 2019

Billy Brown

5 Rounds, Fight Gone Bad Style

Minute 1: Box Jumps 24/20

Minute 2: Kettlebell Swings 44/35

Minute 3: Kettlebell Goblet Squats 44/35

Minute 4: Hand Release Push Ups

Minute 5: Rest

We haven’t done station work in a while, so let’s have some fun! We’ll be combining gymnastics and a stack of kettlebell work with some pushups to get you a nice pump going into the weekend :)

Start out fast and try to hang on for dear life - I want you to shoot for 80-plus reps per round, so choose a weight that you don’t have to put down more than once per station. Get you some!

One note - your legs are going to be fried after the first round: be VERY intentional on your box jumps in the later rounds.

Thursday - May 16, 2019

Billy Brown

With a 30 minute clock.

Static Farmer Hold 70/53

On the first drop of the kettlebells perform one Burpee. The second time, two Burpee‘s. The third time, three Burpee‘s… Continuing in this fashion until the end of the clock. 

The foundation to all functional movement is a strong core. Holds and carries build that structure needed for all we do inside and outside of the gym.
This workout will also test your grip strength. Choose a weight of kettlebell that you can immediately pick them up after the Burpee‘s. No rest is allowed.

First scale load of the kettlebells. Second, scale the length of time as needed.


Wednesday - May 15, 2019

Billy Brown

35 Double-unders
200-m Run
35 Double-unders
25-m Plate OH Walking Lunge (25/15 lb.)
AMRAP 15 min.

*Gymnastics Complex

There should be no movement in today’s workout that bottlenecks anyone—we have low rep numbers and short distances. We want you moving fast and at a steady pace throughout. Today’s session is a good opportunity for athletes who came yesterday to break up some of the leg soreness!

The emphasis of today is light, fast, and jumping. Choose a load on the Plate OH Walking Lunge with which you can go all 25 m unbroken throughout the entire workout. There should not be a shred of doubt in your mind that the weight is light. Shoot for 4 rounds today.

Tuesday - May 14, 2019

Billy Brown

10 Power Clean and Jerks (185/125 lb.)
10 Deadlifts
3 rounds

*Work up to heavy 7 rep C+J

Today’s workout is a 3-round couplet of moderately heavy hamstring, low back, and overhead demand. The total volume of the workout is that of a heavy Grace, but mixed with more hamstring demand. This workout is intended to be not only a gnarly breather but also pretty challenging on the back side.

Prior to the metcon, we are working up to a heavy set of 7 on the Power Clean and Jerk. This is to be performed touch and go and will give you the opportunity to work on your barbell cycling skills as well as help determine an appropriate workout weight.

The Jerk can be performed as a Push or Split Jerk. It should be a weight with which you can start as a Push Jerk for about half of the workout, and may revert to a Split toward the later half when fatigue sets in.

Choose a loading with which your Clean and Jerks are performed in fast singles from the get-go. Even if you can perform some reps touch and go (should only be able to touch and go a few anyway at the chosen weight), you will be unnecessarily loading your back and in this workout, you can’t afford that extra time under tension.

Deadlifts should be a load with which you could do 10 unbroken fresh, but may choose to perform smaller sets of 3-5 with short breaks to keep the low-back fatigue at a minimum.

Times for this workout will be ranging from 7-10 min.

Monday - May 13, 2019

Billy Brown

Front Squat


The emphasis of today’s session is to go heavy across all 5 sets, but not all sets have to be the same weight, so long as they are true working sets (warranting at least 3-4 min. rest between efforts).

If anyone is feeling a bit fried in the low back from the last week of work, go a bit more conservative with your working sets, and instead of building in weight each set, stick to the same load across the board. People who are feeling taxed can roll out their backs between lifting sets to tend to their bodies.

We have a Finisher today that will be able to fit into the class time. It incorporates Rowing, gymnastics holds, and teamwork! Make sure to prioritize the lifting here and go AHAP, then hit the Finisher for funzies. 

Friday - May 10, 2019

Billy Brown

200-m Plate Run (25/15 lb.)
20 Alt. DB Power Snatches (50/35 lb.)
Max Set 
Box Round-the-Worlds
4 rounds

Happy Friday! Today’s effort will challenge your shoulder stamina amidst two other heart-rate and shoulder-involved movements. You’re going to perform the Plate Run and DB Snatches, then perform a max set of Around-the-Worlds each round. This workout will test your ability to maintain gymnastics positions under duress—both in heart rate and with some compounding shoulder fatigue (Plate Hold, Snatches).

The max set is terminated once you come off of the box or loses tension in the movement (the elbow bends). For the Around-the-Worlds, travel the same direction for an entire round, i.e. in the first round, go entirely clockwise around the box until failure. Next round, go entirely counter-clockwise. Then repeat for Rounds 3 and 4. The Box Around-the-World is performed as Rx’d with feet on the box.

For the Plate Carry, hold however you’d like—chest, side, shoulders, pinch, etc. We recommend mixing it up so as not to tax one area too much!

Try to hit about 80% max effort throughout the workout so you don’t burn out in the later rounds - this should take around 15-20 minutes. Have fun!

Thursday - May 9, 2019

Billy Brown

For time:
As teams of 2 and equal strength:
5 rounds:
2 rope climbs
20 Single Arm Kettlebell Cleans 70/53
200m partner carry

Gonna be a full body workout with a minimal amount of gymnastics pulling and some heavy weights! 
At 3...2...1...go, Partner 1 will do a rope climb and then partner 2 will do a rope climb. Cleans must be split equally between partners and 5 right, 5 left. Partner Carry can be split however you would like and switch as often as necessary.

Rope Climbs: Scale up to legless. Scale down First height of climb. Then, scale to lay to stand with straight legs.
Cleans: Scale load. 
Partner carry: First scale distance. Then, scale to heavy odd object if necessary.

Wednesday - May 8, 2019

Billy Brown


*Optional Finisher

Hump Day means we are going heavy and all out for 3 sets of 5 reps. The loading is intended to be constant across the board at maximal weight. If done right, you should need a 3 to 4-min. break between working sets to execute with the right amount of effort.

Theoretically, a 5-rep max should be 85 percent of your heaviest single. Since we are performing 3 sets, we are going to lower that down slightly to account for volume. The 3 sets of 5 should be at the same weight at around 80-82 percent of your heaviest Deadlift. If you haven’t tested your 1RM in a while and feels like you have gotten stronger, your 5 may be closer to 85 percent. If you know your previous 1RM was accurate, it may be closer to 80 percent.

Tuesday - May 7, 2019 "Cindy"

Billy Brown

5 Pull-ups
10 Push-ups
15 Air Squats
AMRAP 20 min.

We loaded a heavy press yesterday and will be loading you with a heavy pull tomorrow, so today is a body-weight bonanza! Cindy is a quintessential gymnastics triplet that will test your pulling, pressing, and squat capacity.

Cindy is a great body-weight stimulus for 20 min. of non-stop movement. The Push-ups will likely be where you need to manage fatigue the most. Pull-ups/Ring Rows will likely be performed unbroken. Air Squats at a steady pace. Rounds will likely start out about 40 sec. and then start to slow thereafter. Use the clock as a pace-setter to help keep yourself on track. Just like the turtle, slow and steady wins the race here. Aim for consistent movement across 20 min., or around 15 rounds across the board.

Monday - May 6, 2019

Billy Brown

25 Bench Presses (135/95 lb.)
KB Snatches (24/16 kg.)
1-k Row

*Find 3-rep Bench Press

This chipper is a bit slower in nature to start. Both the Bench Press and KB Snatches require a bit more concentration to execute. For the Bench Press, the loading should not be so heavy that you need a spotter to perform your sets. You should be able to perform about 10 at a time with their desired loading, or your 25 reps in 2 sets.

On the KB Snatch, the loading should be set so you can perform 5 reps on each side, but not unbroken for all 30—you should have to put the KB down at least once during your set to shake it out. For these first two movements, sticking to manageable sets and rep ranges is key to avoid failure or loss of efficiency. Be more calculated with the bench and snatches, and then open up on the Row to finish with a good lung burn.

Overall finishing times should be around 10-12 min. Get swole!

Friday - May 3, 2019

Billy Brown

200-m Dumbell Front-Rack Carry (155/105 lb.)
20 Wall Balls (20/14 lb.)
20 MB Cleans
AMRAP 20 min.

*Gymnastics Complex
*Find heavy 100-m DB Carry

It’s late and I forgot to post this so we’re going to make this description short and sweet. We’re going to spend some time doing handstand skill work, then work up to the heaviest 100m dumbbell front rack carry you can do, then we’ll get into the metcon: the 20-minute AMRAP above. Lower the DB weight to something you can do without putting them down and plan on doing the wall ball and clean sets about 10 reps at a time. If you can go unbroken, do it! Just make sure that you don’t burn out - you’ll be doing this for 20 minutes, so find a good pace!

Thursday - May 2, 2019

Billy Brown

12 Double Kettlebell Russian swings 53/35
8 GHD Sit-ups 
4 Atlas Stone to Shoulder AHAP

This week has been a lot of gymnastics pulling and a lot of getting below parallel, so today were taking a break from all that and going to have midline fun! The later rounds will really begin to tax your midline, so focus on keeping your obliques and lats engaged on the swings.
The reps are small, but, the length of the workout is on the longer side, so every level of athlete should pace themselves from the beginning. Control your breathing well and move at a steady pace from movement to movement. 
The swings and sit ups should be done unbroken every round and the stones should be done in singles with minimal rest in between reps.

Kettlebell swings: I would like to see everybody do 2 bells, but scale the load as needed. 
GHD’s: scale first to parallel. From there, scale to abmat sit-ups as necessary.
Atlas Stones: Scale load 

Wednesday May 1, 2019

Billy Brown

30 Front Squats (135/95 lb.)
35 Slam Balls (30-35/20-25 lb.)
40 KB Push Presses (Single Arm) 24/16 kg

The first workout of the new month brings us a hip-driven, push-pull triplet of weightlifting. Each movement incorporates an element of hips and shoulders—a pull, a push, or a front-rack isometric hold. This chipper is one time through and intended to be FAST and hard.

This workout is all about going hard and performing big sets on the Front Squats and Push Presses, with a steady pace in the middle on the Slam Balls. This entire workout will jack up the heart rate, and burn the legs and arms, so being mindful about sets and efficiency is key.

For the Front Squats, choose a load with which youcan perform sets of about 10-15 at a time. It is better to push through and perform bigger sets, because each time the bar is dropped, you must Clean it up from the floor again, expending more energy. On the Slam Balls, the goal is to breathe through them slow and steady. You should be able to perform sets of about 10 at a time before taking a short break. If you can go through the entire set without taking a couple small breaks, it’s too light! On the KB Push Press, although there is no minimum for each side, you should be performing sets of about 7-10 at a time on each arm.

Aim for finishing times around 6-8 min.

Tuesday - April 30, 2019

Billy Brown

25 Pull-ups
10 Muscle-ups
1.5-mile Run
10 Muscle-ups
25 Pull-ups

A medium to longer length workout with a Pulling/Running combo today. The stimulus we are going for is targeting metabolic conditioning and muscular endurance. Those who aren’t as proficient in the two pulling movements will be tested more on strength and muscular endurance than those who are proficient. Do what you can to preserve a similar stimulus by scaling appropriately.

If you have Pull-ups and Muscle-ups but not big unbroken sets of them, figure out a number at the start of the workout that you think you can maintain across the two movements. Maybe sets of 10 for the first round of Pull-ups, then sets of 5 for the second round. Sets of 2 for the Muscle-ups for the first round, then maybe singles on the second round. This is OK, as long as you aren’t in any danger of failing reps and can keep your rest short between reps.

We have allowed up to 30 min. to get the workout done. Top athletes will do it under or around 20 min. The Run will take up the majority of time. For most other athletes, their time will be split evenly between the Running and pulling. Scale appropriately and shoot to beat that 30 minute time cap!

Monday - April 29, 2019

Billy Brown

10 Burpee Box Jumps (24/20 in.)
In what is remaining of 2 min.,
perform Double-unders.
3 rounds

Max Handstand Hold
In what is remaining of 3 min.,
perform Double-unders.
3 rounds

Today’s effort is entirely body weight and a bit more skill-oriented. The first 3-round couplet is 6 min. In length. Every 2 min., you’ll perform 10 reps of your movement and max reps of jump-roping thereafter. The second 3-round couplet is 9 min. In length. Every 3 min., you’ll perform a max hold and max reps of jump-roping again. There are two of these with no break in between, so it’s a continuous 15 min. of work.

Part one is more metabolic going right into the rope work, while part two is more skill focused with the handstand/pike hold. It should be a quick burn that will still leave you enough energy to tackle the rest of the week. Enjoy!

Friday - April 26, 2019

Billy Brown

Weighted Pull-up

2 Strict Pull-ups
3 Chest-to-Bar Pull-ups
4 Pull-ups
3-5 rounds

Heavy Pull-up day! We know a lot of people who don’t have Pull-ups get a little disheartened when they see workouts like this, but this is your opportunity to spend a whole session dedicated to practicing this movement. This is how you get better! We have scaling to meet you where you are and find something that is going to help you get closer to being stronger at pulling. It might be strict Pull-ups, negatives, Ring Rows, Jumping Pull-ups, etc.

For today, try to keep the movement as strict as possible, avoid too much kipping, we won’t use it as a scale today. We chose this rep scheme so that you can use the sets as a stepping stone to find your 2-rep max. We want each set to still be as heavy as possible, but those last three sets of 2 are where the focus should be.

You can hold dumbbells between your feet, snag one of our weight belts, or use Coach Billy’s weight vest if you ask reallllllly nicely.

Thursday - April 25, 2019

Billy Brown

5 rounds NOT for time.
Backwards sled drag 50 feet AHAP
Pec stick kettlebell Carry 50 feet 53/35

Drag the sled from start to finish line, immediately pic up the pec stick and carry it back to the start. Rest as needed between rounds. 
Have Fun! 
-David & Nick

Wednesday - April 24, 2019

Billy Brown

100-m Run
10 Push-ups
10 DB 
Devils Presses (45/25 lb.)
10 DB SA OH Lunges
5 rounds

The goal for today is to perform each movement unbroken for all 5 rounds, and to keep moving at a steady/uncomfortable pace the whole time. For some athletes, 10 Push-ups will be hard to perform unbroken after a few rounds, but you should be able to get them done in two sets with a quick break. The Devils Presses, although horrible, are relatively easy to keep moving through without breaking. We recommend doing 5 Lunges on one arm and 5 on the other to keep both shoulders in balance and not too fatigued. You don’t need to stop for long to do this, you can switch arms as they move into the next Lunge.

We would like everyone to be able to go sub-14 min for those doing 5 rounds; if you’re doing 4, shoot for sub-12!