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Welcome to a community that values you for who you are and your fitness level.  We strive to make each workout challenging and yet a pleasurable experience. Increasing GPP (General Physical Preparedness) by improving strength and conditioning, allows us to better enjoy the recreational activities that are abundant in Northern California. Whether your interests lie in: mountain biking, hiking, back-packing, wake boarding, skiing, rock climbing, swimming, running, or just being better at life, CrossFit is the perfect fitness program for you.



Thursday - September 19, 2019

Billy Brown

100 Burpees
EMOM: 1 Dynamic lift(Atlas Stone ground to Shoulder, Sandbag clean, Sandbag over Shoulder, Barbell clean, etc)

At 3, 2, 1, go.... The workout will start with one lift. Then you will do Burpees. Every time the clock beeps you will perform one more lift. The rest of the time, you’ll just be doing Burpees to your hearts content. The workout is over when you have completed 100 Burpees.
Oh, and you can’t see the clock. We will start the clock and turn it around backwards. No watching the clock. All you will hear is the beep. Today’s workout is a mental challenge.
Regardless of what implement you choose for your lift, make sure it is a challenging weight. NO SANDBAGGING! (See what I did there?) make it heavy!!!! And have fun!

-David & Nick

Wednesday - September 18, 2019

Billy Brown

1-k Row
15 Muscle-ups

Hump day brings us a simple chipper of two pulling movements, one that will elevate the heart rate and help break up the leg soreness from Barbara’s 250 Squats, and another that will be more skill-oriented and force you to perform a technical movement under duress.

Since you legs are likely smoked, athletes who came yesterday for Barbara may benefit from performing a steady pace on the Row.

The key to performing Muscle-ups in smart sets is to manage the Row at nothing more than an 85-percent pace. Even if you can and want to finish your 1-k Row strong, use a little more leg for the last 150-200 m, and save you upper body by relaxing your grip and traps. Focus on long pulls and staying cool, calm, and collected.

Muscle-ups should be a technical challenge for athletes of all levels. We want you to choose a difficulty that allows for about 2-3 reps at a time to start, and doubles or singles to finish.

Tuesday - September 17, 2019

Billy Brown


20 Pull-ups
30 Push-ups
40 Sit-ups
50 Squats
3 min. Rest
5 rounds

Woohoo—body-weight benchmark Barbara! For any athlete who has completed Cindy, Barbara is a good compliment with the addition of Sit-ups. The stimulus here is entirely different, however. In Cindy, we are looking for a steady pace for 20 min. of work. In Barbara, we’re looking for a body-weight effort in interval style. You’ll complete one round of movements then rest for 3 min. With a rest period so long, we’re looking for you to push yourselves harder each round, then rest, then repeat!

We’ve allotted 30 min. to complete the workout. If some people are completing this workout as Rx’d for the first time, you’ll likely get capped. That’s okay! Give it your best :)

Monday - September 16, 2019

Billy Brown

3 Power Snatches (155/105 lb.)
6 Back Squats
Perform every 2 min.
10 rounds

We’re kicking off the week with a pretty aggressive interval weightlifting session. Every 2 min., you’ll complete 3 reps of a moderate to heavy Power Snatch + 6 reps of a moderate Back Squat. The catch with this workout is that we’re intending for you to complete all 9 reps in a row (without putting the bar down) after having taken it off the floor. This means we’ll want you to lower the bar from the top of the third Power Snatch safely to the back-rack position.

This workout is intended to take some pretty intense concentration. At no point in this workout do we want you to be out of control or dangerous, so if some athletes need to scale back the loading due to the behind-the-neck lowering with the barbell, feel free to do so.

This EMOM should be pretty aggressive for most people. The lower back, leg, and shoulder demand will be pretty high to execute with good technique within the time frame. We want you getting at least 1 min. of rest, so when you grab the bar, you have to mean it and hit it hard! Then take a full recovery.

Choose a Power Snatch weight with which you could do a set of 3 unbroken when fresh, but for the purpose of this workout, you should plan on doing 3 fast Power Snatch singles straight into the Back Squat. Even if you could string them together, doing fast singles will allow you to mitigate the low-back demand of cycling the bar, and will help you in the later rounds. The workout is 20 min. after all, so it’s a marathon, not a sprint.

Friday - September 13, 2019

Billy Brown

Hang Power Clean & Jerks (185/135 lb.)
Strict HSPU

We’re finishing off the week with a simple couplet of gymnastics and weightlifting. The catch is that the weightlifting is on the heavy side and the gymnastics is strict. What does this mean? A traditional 21-15-9 couplet that will be slower in pace, more technically difficult, and more demanding on the body’s total strength reserves. This workout will be a grind.

The Clean and Jerk is done from the Hang position, so the bar bar does not need to go to the ground each time. This makes the barbell cycling a bit more pulling dominant when stringing reps together. The barbell must stop at the hip if reps are performed as singles. The combination of the pulling demand plus the double press (Jerk and HSPU) is designed to be a lot of demand on the upper body/upper back.

The Jerk should be performed as a Push Jerk for part of the workout, but it is OK if it changes to a Split Jerk toward the end of a set.

Thursday - September 13, 2019

Billy Brown

1RM Farmer Carry 50 foot
15 Russian Kettlebell swings 70/53
10 GHD sit-ups

You know we love Carries! Nothing builds structure like heavy carries! Today we’ve got a twofer.
We’ll take about 30 minutes to establish a 50 max effort Farmer Carry. Carries of course must be unbroken. Take as many attempts as you want.
Then, we’ll finish with a nice sweet little core burner! Heavy swings and GHD sit-ups! Just what you want to build those shedded abs(how do you think Tom got so shedded, besides consist clean eating, showing up everyday, and just being an overall stud)!
Simple and fun! Just what we like to do on Strongman days!

Scaling on the AMRAP:
Swings: scale load.
GHD’s: scale to parallel, then to weighted AbMat sit-ups.

-David & Nick

Wednesday - September 11, 2019

Billy Brown

Alternating Tabata
Lateral Parallette Jumps
SA DB Thrusters (40/25 lb.)
8 rounds (8 min.)

Rest 4 min.

Alternating Tabata
Mountain Climbers
SA DB Thrusters
8 rounds (8 min.)

After some heavy lifting yesterday, we have all of the intervals today! The scheme is a double, alternating Tabata—two of them! In the first Tabata, you'‘ll perform 20 sec. of Lateral Parallette Jumps, 10 sec. rest, 20 sec. of Single-Arm DB Thrusters, 10 sec. rest, and repeat for 8 total rounds of each, which is 8 min. of work (technically, a double Tabata). Then rest for 4 min., and repeat this same 8-min. scheme with Mountain Climbers and the SA DB Thruster (again).

This workout is intended to incorporate body weight with light lifting. The overall feel will be pretty metabolic, with a good amount of leg, lung, and shoulder burn.

Use one DB for the Single-Arm DB Thrusters, and can switch arms as needed throughout.

Tuesday - September 10, 2019

Billy Brown

Overhead Squat

*Optional Finisher
Accumulate 4 min. of a BB OH Hold (135/95 lb.)
*Every time they break, perform 6 Hang Power Cleans.

It’s time for some single-modality strength effort! This time around, it’s everyone’s favorite lift to hate: the Overhead Squat. We will be spending a LOT of time mobilizing in our session beforehand to get bodies primed to get into good positions with this movement. We want to turn a movement that is often someone’s “goat” into a lift that you look forward to. :)

We are looking for the loading today to be pretty darn heavy across the board and ascending throughout the workout. Barbells are taken from the rack, and a Behind-the-Neck Push or Split Jerk should be utilized to get the bar overhead.

We have included an Optional Finisher at the end of the session that focuses on overhead support and stability with a barbell—it will be a nice finisher to the session that can help build some capacity in a static position. It’s a bit spicy because there is a penalty for coming down from the hold. ;)

Monday - September 9, 2019

Billy Brown

250-m Row
12 Deadlifts (225/155 lb.)
Rest 2 min.

200-m Front-Rack KB Carry (24/16 kg)
12 KB Snatches
Rest 2 min.

3 rounds

Happy Monday! We’re kicking off the week with 3 rounds of 2 couplets. In the first couplet, you’ll perform 1 round of a 250-m Row, straight into 12 moderately loaded Deadlifts. Then, rest 2 min., perform 1 round of a moderately loaded KB Front-Rack Carry, straight into 12 KB Snatches, rest 2 min., and repeat for a total of 3 rounds. The intention of this workout is to be a fast sprint back and forth between the movements and rounds.

The Row/Deadlift couplet will inherently be a bit faster than the second couplet due to the quicker nature of the Row and familiarity of the Deadlift. In both couplets, you’ll start with some sort of monostructural movement (a Row or a Carry) that is to be performed at a steady pace.

For the weightlifting movement, pick up the pace and execute these moderate lifting movements with vigor that will beget quick cycle times. The more “umph” you put into the movement, the quicker and more efficiently you’ll perform them.

In general, we’re looking for each set of work to take about 2-3 min. The 2-min. rest means we are performing the workout at a fast, yet not a sprint, pace. Row and Carries should take about 1 min. Deadlifts and KB Snatches should take about 30 sec.—or unbroken sets. Typically, this Deadlift loading would be pretty aggressive for unbroken sets, however, with the rest and other movements breaking it up, it should be doable.

Friday - September 6, 2019

Billy Brown

50 Front Squats @ 3/4 BW
Every time you put the barbell down, perform 25 Double-unders.

Rest 2 min.

40 Front Squats @ BW
Every time you put the barbell down, perform 25 Double-unders.

 Today’s workout is comprised into two big chunks of reps, separated by 2 min. of rest, with loading and volume that differs from the first set to the next. The intention is for the entire workout to be done at a moderate to heavy load based off of body-weight percentages.

The bar is taken from the ground and a Squat Clean is permissible to count as the first Front Squat rep. Each set is as many reps as you can complete while keeping the bar in the front-rack position before putting it down. The catch is that each time the bar is put down during the set before hitting 50 or 40 reps, you must perform a 25 Double-under penalty. This will serve as a bit of a metabolic rest that will give the legs a chance to recover a bit while keeping the heart rate up.

This workout will be a test of mental grit along with testing your ability to suffer under a pretty gnarly barbell volume and loading.

Wednesday - September 4, 2019

Billy Brown


400-m Sandbag Carry (50/35 lb.)
12 Push Presses (115/75 lb.)
12 Box Jumps (24 in.)
12 Sumo Deadlift High Pulls (95/65 lb.)
6 rounds

Navy Special Warfare Operator Chief Collin Trent Thomas, 33, of Morehead, Kentucky, assigned to a Navy SEAL team based out of Little Creek, Virginia, was fatally shot on Aug. 18, 2010, during combat operations in Eastern Afghanistan. He is survived by his fiancée Sarah Saunders, his parents Clay and Jean Thomas, and his sister Meghan Edwards.

The workout is 6 rounds of a Sandbag Carry mixed with 12 reps of pressing, jumping, and pulling. The majority of the workout will likely be spent on the Sandbag Run. The movements inside the gym aren’t necessarily too heavy or complex, so you should be able to get through them at a steady pace.

Today’s workout is a lot of volume. Many athletes may time cap themselves. That’s OK. We want you to push yourselves on the movements, distances, loading, etc., so go as far as you can for this Hero WOD. :-)

Tuesday - September 3, 2019

Billy Brown

In partners:

3 Deadlifts (275/185 lb.)
6 Burpees Over Barbell
Partners perform 1 round each at a time.
AMRAP 10 min.

Yes, I know. We did a lot of burpees yesterday, but hear me out! These are a slight variation on yesterday’s, and the combination of heavy barbell and metabolic conditioning is going to be a blast :)

We have a classic push-pull couplet of Deadlifts and Burpees, except in this rendition, we’re going heavy on the Deadlift, and performing it with a partner. ;) In this AMRAP, partners go back and forth completing a full round of the workout (3+6), before switching to the other partner. It’s only a total of 9 reps per round, but will be challenging since the load is intended to be difficult.

In this couplet, there won’t necessarily be an element of teamwork, however, since you are switching back and forth and using the same barbell, you’ll have to stand around and cheer your teammate on! Ideally, you are sharing the same barbell. However, if there is a large discrepancy in weight, you can use two separate bars.

Burpees are performed laterally, not facing. This will make the Burpees more of a sprint stimulus, and make the rounds faster so you can go quicker each time. Shoot for 6-8 rounds each :)

Friday - August 30, 2019

Billy Brown

7 Wall Balls (20/14 lb.)
7 Elevated Feet Push-ups
AMRAP 7 min.

Today we have a quick blaster of a workout in store for you! Back in the day, when CrossFitting while pregnant was still very uncharted territory, Annie Sakamoto (CrossFit OG) created a workout called the “Inducer.” It was 7 Wall Balls + 7 Pull-ups for 7 min. She gave birth the next day! True story! Anyway, that was just a little side CrossFit story for ya’ll! This workout is a spin off from that. We have replaced the Pull-ups with Elevated Push-ups. We have a Squat and two Pressing movements with low enough volume for you to keep moving for the whole 7 min.

While this isn’t an all-out sprint, it is a workout that needs you to move pretty quickly. Find a pace you can maintain across 7 min., and plan to go a little quicker. You want to be somewhere between comfortable and a sprint :)

Toward the last few minutes, people might start breaking up the Push-ups. Take quick breaks to shake out the arms, and then go again.

If you’re feeling spicy, aim for around 8+ rounds. For the majority, 1 round per minute (7+ rounds) is a good goal.

Thursday - August 29, 2019

Billy Brown

For Time:
As a team of 2:
100 bar dips
25 air squats
6 Stone to Shoulders
75 bar dips
50 Air squats
12 Stone to Shoulder
50 bar dips
75 Air Squats
18 Stone to Shoulder
25 bar dips
100 Air Squats
24 Stone to Shoulder

Dips: Scale to box/bench dips. From there scale range of motion.
Air squats: scale range of motion.
Stones: Men use 130, 145, or 160. No less! “But it’s sooo heavy!” Yep, sure is!
Ladies use 65, 95, or 115. The weight of the stone should be according to bodyweight.

You may break the reps up in whatever order you would like, but, you must split the work evenly.

The name of game here is just keep moving. No part of the work should create a hang up.

Wednesday - August 28, 2019

Billy Brown

750-m Row
200-m Run

Rest 2 min.

500-m Row
400-m Run

Rest 2 min.

250-m Row
600-m Run

This is one of our favorite types of workouts. Double monostructural. It requires no barbells, dumbbells, or med balls. Just a big set of lungs and the potential to make people work really hard. The Rows are descending in distance, and the Runs are ascending. We didn’t want the distances to be too high for either modality, which is why we have used some interesting distances like a 600-m Run and a 750-m Row. This allows for a little higher intensity per effort.

You will be breathing hard from the first 250 m, so you’ll need to figure out a good breathing pattern you can work through for the rest of the workout. The rest periods will be just enough to bring your heart rates back down before you need to hit it again. It won’t be enough for full recovery. Especially not for the last couplet.

We’ve allowed 20 minutes to complete the workout, but shoot for 17 or less!

Tuesday - August 27, 2019

Billy Brown

400-m Single-Arm Farmers Carry
40 DB Front Squats (50/35 lb.)
30 DB Anchored Sit-ups
20 DB Squat Cleans
400-m Single-Arm Farmers Carry

*Use 1 DB for Squats and Cleans.

It’s a dumbbell bonanza today! We have three hip-driven dumbbell movements that are decreasing in reps, sandwiched between two 400-m Single-Arm Farmers Carries. We are using one dumbbell for all movements, but they will need the second one on hand to use for the anchored Sit-ups. The load used is intended to be light to moderate for the Front Squats and Squat Cleans, and across the 400-m Carries.

While you are fresh, the first 400 m should be done unbroken, with maybe one stop to switch arms. You can even switch as you walk ("“Am I not merciful???”). Once you hit the gym, you should aim to do the Front Squats in one set, maybe two. The same applies for the Sit-ups.

The limiting movement will be the Squat Cleans since you’ll be fatigued at this point, and Dumbbell Squat Cleans just suck in general. :-) Sets of 7+ is a good goal to get through these with quick breaks. The last 400-m Farmers Carry will feel a little different than the first, and you will most likely need to put the dumbbell down a few times since your grip might be taxed after holding it for so long.

Shoot for a finishing time of about 14 min.

Monday - August 26, 2019

Billy Brown

Snatch Balance

Squat Snatch

Today’s focus is a technique-oriented lifting session. The Snatch Balance is a Snatch accessory movement that helps work speed under the bar, and strength in the catch position. It works leg strength, midline stability, and overhead/torso positioning.

For most people, the Snatch Balance is a movement that will test their speed and positioning rather than strength in the truest form of the word. Therefore, the loading should be incremental and done to the best of your ability. Loading on this movement will greatly vary by ability level.

Then, we have 6 sets of Squat Snatches—3 sets of 3 reps, and 3 sets of 1 rep. We want the first sets of 3 to be done at the same load, and the singles can be done with incremental loading. You will be warm from the Snatch Balance so getting to a heavy 1 rep will be possible. You are allowed to reset the barbell for each rep in their sets of 3—no longer than 3 sec. between lifts, though.

Friday - August 23, 2019

Billy Brown

In Partners:

50 Squat and Throw MB Over Pull-up Rig to each other
50 MB Sit-up Throws
400-m MB Bear Hug Carry (switch as needed)
50 Russian Twist Throws to each other
50 Partner Wall Balls
AMRAP 25 min.

MB (20/14 lb.)

Friday brings us a partner effort, combining Squatting, midline work, and a Carry. Most movements are alternating each rep, with the Carry in the middle allowing partners to switch as needed. This workout is intended to be fun and to foster teamwork with one another as most movements are performed by alternating partners, so you’ll have to be tuned in to how your partner is feeling, and if you need to take a collective break.

The workout starts and ends with some compound Squat to Throws, so it will not only begin with a leg and shoulder burn, but be heart-rate intensive as well. Another set of movements in the workout are heavily midline intensive—both the MB Sit-ups and the MB Russian Twists. These movements will be demanding on core stamina, but will give you a chance to catch your breath a bit. The Carry will be both heart-rate and shoulder-stamina intensive, and the position of the Carry will tax the upper back and breath.

Aim to get close to finishing your second round.

Thursday - August 22, 2019

Billy Brown


5 bench press @BW

5 DB bent over row @ AHAP

The bent over rows is five each hand. Even though this is an AMRAP, Think more about going heavier and moving consistent and well through the 20 minutes. Not fast. Keep your heart rate down, but don’t check your phone between lifts. Comprende?

And always, have fun!

Wednesday - August 21, 2019

Billy Brown

5 Candlesticks
10 MB Step-ups (20/14 lb.)
Heel Taps
AMRAP 15 min.

Hump day brings you a unique triplet that involves a lot of hip. Candlesticks are a sneaky Squat, plus loaded Step-ups for more booty, and Heel Taps are sure to light up the Hip Flexors! We are giving the upper body a little break today (apart from holding the MB) after the last few days of going overhead, plus lots of pulling and pushing. Today is more about muscular endurance rather than cardiovascular endurance.

The med ball needs to be held in a Bear Hug position. This will make the Step-ups slightly awkward, especially when people fatigue and start to roll forward through the shoulders even more. The height for the Box is 24/20 in. for all categories.

The limitation today for most athletes will be muscle fatigue, rather than heavy breathing. This means you should plug away at the workout at a pace that allows you to keep moving without needing to rest too much. There shouldn’t be the need to rest during any movement. The reps are low enough to do unbroken. The Heel Taps will get spicy, but 15 is a manageable amount.

Today the goal is right around 7+ rounds.